Kendall’s looking Hot


[Images from Mail Online]

This image of Kendal walking into the E! studios has been published all over the internet because she is looking so hot. Of course Kendal always looks good, she’s model and most importantly she’s a part of the Kardashian Klan, but I was taken aback by this look because it is actually perfect. The cropped yellow jumper shows off her small waist, outlining her beautiful tall model body and the fitted wrap skirt also hugs her in all the right places. The length; just above the knee is also perfect and the look is finished off by nude heels. Some people may look at this and think “it’s alright” but the thing that makes the look perfect is not just the actual outfit, it’s what the individual pieces of clothing show and what they do.

Kendal was on her way to be a guest on Fashion Police, however for us ordinary people who do not go on TV regularly (although I appeared on BBC’s Question time this week!) this outfit is something that can be worn to dinners, birthdays, events, work and formal occasions.

If Kendal wasn’t the famous eighteen year old she was, you would all still be intrigued by this look. The wrap skirt is important because it shows that she’s in fashion. I don’t believe in following trends but I believe in using trends as a guideline to what’s new within your personal style, she has worn a printed wrap skirt which is different therefore it catches our attention. I understand that it is very difficult wearing prints sometimes but every outfit must have a statement piece and especially as she has gone for neutral, pastel colours it’s necessary that she has something that “Pops”. The fact that the jumper is cropped brings out the cool and quirkiness of the look, and the heels gives  it the sophistication and ‘sexy’.

asoswrap oasiswrap  topshopwrap

ASOS £21.50                                   Oasis £35.00                                Topshop £100.00

[Images from ASOS, Oasis and Topshop]

When wrap skirts first came to fashion I was on the fence about whether I liked them or not, it was a high street manikin that eventually sold me the look however. I’m a big fan of pleated skirts and have never really felt comfortable wearing pencil skirts, maxi skirts and short bodycon skirts, but I think the wrap skirt doesn’t require much work; it makes the outfit for you. I think a cool look is a tucked in baggy t-shirt with a wrap skirt or a plain shirt. But to really show that you are fashion it is ideal to in cooperate it in your style and ‘do you’ with it.



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