The Golden Globes Red Carpet

ZooeyDeschanel     oscardelarenta

Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta

This dress speaks Golden Globes however I preferred it on the runway. This is dress is ‘Wow’ when it is first glanced on the runway, the detail on the crop top is beautiful and then the netted skirt gives the whole piece character. The shoes and slicked back hair on the runway gives the piece a fierce look. Zooey Deschanel however has stripped the fierce from this look and replaced it with cute, which works also but not one hundred per cent in my opinion. The flower in her hair and the fringe looks cute and the shoes may need to be taller to revive the fierce. As a whole look it is not completely disappointing, I just think she could have done better.

Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren     ralph Lauren

Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren

This look however is something which I think looks better off the runway. For a first timey Lupita Nyong’o really did make a statement on the Golden Globe carpet showing the world that she is a fashionista. I so not personally love the dress itself but the fact that she has worn it convincingly is enough.

Sarah Hyland In Georges Hobeika     21

Sarah Hyland In Georges Hobeika

Sarah Hyland is a cutie and her look just reinforces that point. Her hair was inspired by a model in Valentino’s show and her dress was sent to her from Paris. I think Georges Hobeika is an amazing designer and I feel that she could have picked a better piece from one of his collections to make a name for herself in fashionable stars. On the runway the bottom half of the dress is more sheer which I think is a better look but overall I do like what Sarah Hyland has done.

jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

I’m not sure who this dress is from but knowing Jennifer Lawrence it is most likely a Dior Gown. I’m never a big fan of the gowns she decides to wear but I really like this dress. I think it shapes her well and the colour of course “Pops” – its white! I’ve never loved her hair short so that would be something I would change about the look, it would be nice to have her hair all back but I guess she’s already gone for that look during last years awards ceremony.

Kelly Osbourne in Escada

Kelly Osbourne in Escada

Kelly Osbourne is doing it! One look at what she wore today and I knew I loved it, she herself has to complement her look saying that she’s never felt so ‘sexy’, the detail at the back of the dress and the shoulder completes the look otherwise it would have just  been a fitted black dress with a slip down one leg. Props to Kelly!

Elisabeth Moss in J. Mendal

Elisabeth Moss in J. Mendal

J. Mendal’s SS14 collection is also amazing (I may have to do a whole separate post on that) and again I feel that she could have chosen something else, but I like this, the detail and pattern is cool, and I think the overall look is also cool.

Sandra Bullock In Prabal Gurung

Sandra Bullock In Prabal Gurung

Something went wrong for me with Sandra Bullock, its a shame because she’s expected to collect many awards. I saw the top of this and I thought “Ooooo” and as I descended I stopped loving it. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t horrendous, I do like some aspects of it but it wasn’t working for me.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera

Taylor Swift always looks fantastic, I don’t think there is a bad thing I can say about her, even if the dress isn’t perfect she pull it off because the overall look always is, her hair and make up is on point and I like this dress on her.

Julia Roberts Dolce & Gabbana

Julia Roberts in Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana are one of my favourite designers and it saddens me to say that I do not like this. I think the look appears cheap it looks like something that could be found in lower high street stores and although monochrome is out now I would have preferred she wore a colour that “Popped”.

[Images from E! entertainment, Vogue and Georges Hobeika]


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