Perfection On Runway

So I’m doing my daily catwalk research, looking at all the SS14 collections and I stumble across Eile Saab’s Spring/Summer 2014 couture collection. The collection was inspired by the work of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

As I scrolled down the grown’s got better and better and I literally had tingles. I had to later show the whole of the collection to my sister it was that amazing. The show itself, the order of the garments and the colour change added to the beauty, the collection began with an amazing long gown with intricate patterns which I can imagine would have immediatly caught the audience’s attention, they would have already been fasinated to see the rest and would have been intrigued by all the techniques used; this was only the start. The models continued to gracefully strut down the runway exposing more of Elie Saab’s art, the colours changed and the gowns varied and then suddenly a stunning pink ball gown appeared which covered a large circumference of the runway made its way, and I became even more excited. Despite the amazing collection, there was one piece which particulary captured me. This was more towards the end of the collection; the way the colours went down was amazing. I’m jealous of all the people who experienced this collection live. The models must have been honoured to wear such garments. It is truly perfection.



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