One Word: Dope – The Wolf Of Wall Street

I seem to be making the most of Orange Wednesday lately, I went to the cinema again, this week I was able to watch The Wolf On Wall Street (sshhh don’t tell anyone I’m 17) anyway it was defo a certified 18 movie as females were fully naked in almost every scene and the characters were unable to formulate a sentence without using the ‘f word’. The only adjective that I can find from my constrained vocabulary to describe this film is dope. Its cool enough that the movie is about a rich stock broker hooked on drugs. but then the way they display his life is even cooler. I assume that everyone has watched the trailer and understands that it is about a man who opens up his own brokerage firm, for those who have not watched the trailer, watch the full trailer because it will make you want to watch the movie.

The thing I loved most about this film was the fact that it actually made me think, it included interesting quotes like ‘ Solve your problems by becoming rich’ and the fact that we are introduced to a stock broker at the beginning who must take drugs in order to do his job. These things made me think that this movie is actually portraying the real lives of people, but obviously blown out of proportion; it made me think about the upper class and their lifestyle. This deeper meaning however was covered by comical scenes, swearing and sex scenes, the film was hilarious throughout, it was a pretty long movie but every minute is spent well. I highly recommend that you watch it. Oh and you get to see Leonardo DiCaprio dance!

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