Should Kim Kardashian be on the cover of Vogue Magazine?

Should Kim K be on the cover of Vogue Magazine?

As you may know Kanye has been pushing for Kim to feature on Vogue Magazine’s cover and it has caused a bit of a debate. For Once I don’t actually know what to think, people are saying ‘no’ because she is a reality TV star and does not deserve it, others think ‘yes’ because she is Kim Kardashian. But is it really an issue? Shouldn’t anyone who is someone be allowed on the cover?


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9 thoughts on “Should Kim Kardashian be on the cover of Vogue Magazine?

      1. Omg there mine too, I’m ashamed that I’m watching the new series. After thinking about it I thought maybe Kim has earned her Vogue cover, her fashion is hot, she’s more respected now and she takes amazing photographs.


  1. Actually after discussing this further with my sister, I don’t think she should be on the cover of vogue, 100% yes she would make an amazing cover but I do not think she has enough foundation, fair enough she isn’t just a popular housewife rom a real housewives show but she doesn’t actually do anything in the fashion industry and she doesn’t do anything for vogue, she’s barely even on the website let alone appear on the cover. I’m sorry Kim K, maybe your not suitable for a Vogue cover.


      1. I think it was a good idea because it got everyone’s attention and it got everyone to talk about Vogue, but those who take Vogue and fashion seriously probably lost some respect for the magazine. I do like that they were on it though its interestingly controversial!


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