The BAFTA Red Carpet

I’m ashamed of how late I am writing this post, I usually do award posts on the day. The Red Carpet of the BAFTA’s was sadly disappointing for me, I’m aware it isn’t the Oscars or the Grammy’s but the best dressed for me had to be the Fern Cotton and Angelina Jolie who wore a suit (Ha she has the wall street look). A lot of people I saw on the Red Carpet was men who were mostly dressed in Burberry or Tom Ford Suits and as lovely as they were, it’s not something to talk about, apart from Tine Tempah who was dressed head to toe in velvet Burberry.

How hot is she? That’s not even a question because I don’t want anyone to disagree. I love how she’s made it look kind of scruffy with the buttons undone and the undone bow tie. The trousers are perfectly fitted also. I guess because she’s matching Brad also its even better.

And she isn’t even a movie star. Fern Cotton’s dress, hair and shoes were fantastic. The colour and the detail on the gown is beautiful.

Lupita, who everyone was waiting for, she’s gone for striking colour blocks, from red to turquoise now green… I predict yellow for the Oscars. This gown is fabulous and on her it is even more fabulous, I like the simplicity of it.

Amy Adams, BAFTA Film Awards 2014

Amy Adams what this does to your body is what every woman wants their clothes to do to their body. The crop top with the dress is lovely touch also. This photographs so well too.

Cate Blanchett, BAFTA Film Awards 2014

I like it.

These are just some looks I didn’t like…

Eddie Redmayne, Hannah Bagshawe, BAFTA Film Awards 2014

The boobs look to low, I don’t like the print with the fabric, I think it would look better shorter.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, BAFTA Film Awards 2014

It has potential but its just too much

Michelle Rodriguez, BAFTA Film Awards 2014

This is a hit and miss. I applaud her for trying, I think its the black detail coming out of the dress which lets her down. Also her hair, I would have preferred it nicely tied back.  

I wish the dress was longer, and that way it could also hide the shoes. I do like it though, just not at this length.


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