International fashion showcase 2014

20140222_152044[1]  20140222_150851[1]

Today I was not fortunate enough to go to  London fashion week at the Somerset House however I was fortunate enough to go next door to the fashion showcase event space for the International Fashion Showcase 2014 hosted by the British fashion council and check out the international designers work. Despite being jealous of the people coming out of fashion week with canvas bags and other goodies, I was still amazed by the wonderful work.


20140222_150918[1] 20140222_151137[1] 20140222_151021[1] 20140222_150953[1] 20140222_150937[1] 20140222_151220[1] 20140222_151247[1] 20140222_151934[1] 20140222_151914[1] 20140222_151903[1] 20140222_151854[1] 20140222_151824[1] 20140222_151809[1] 20140222_151802[1] 20140222_151748[1]  20140222_151407[1]


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