The Oscars/ Academy Awards Red Carpet.. Oh and the new Cold War?

Its the grand finale to the actors award season and I’m a week late, I fell asleep whist watching the red carpet because everyone took forever to come. Anyway, I did of course look up what everyone wore and I know you all know already but If you care for my opinion here it is. Asides from my thoughts of the carpet I thought it would also be appropriate to discuss the situation of Russia and Ukraine and how there could possibly be a new Cold War.

Russian-speaking soldiers outside a Ukrainian military base near Simferopol, Crimea

In English literature we read one of Auden’s poems which sparked up the topic of Freud’s repression and how we choose to think what we want and purposefully ignore the bad because we cannot mentally deal with it. How does this link to the Oscars? The worlds still talking about the Oscars, the selfie with Ellen and all the stars as well as the winners, but the world isn’t really talking about the possible war, the media forces us to avoid the bad things it isn’t just us human beings who decide not to speculate the possible war, the media doesn’t want us to worry so they make every headline the Oscars, because if there were to be a war the people who would predominantly suffer is us.. the civilians.

Anyway back to the beautiful Oscar carpet…

Cate Blanchett, Oscars

Cate Blanchett In Giorgio Armani

She’s rocking the mesh look that I love. The dress is beautiful, I like the top half and for some reason as I get lower down the dress it begins to lose its beauty. Her make up is lovely, I would like to know how she would look if her hair was in an updo so that her neck could show more but overall I think she looks good.

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada

Start from the bottom and its like WOW, you continue to go up and the ‘WOW’ stops. Our dearest Lupita has made the greatest impact ever on the red carpet this season, wearing bright popping colours that illuminate her skin. I’m sad to say that for the Oscars her look was a let down. I don’t think the blue complements her skin too well and the dress is completely wearing her, her headband ruins the look also because it brings it down to school child. Nevertheless, it is still a stunning dress and I’m so happy she won best supporting actress.

Jennifer Lawrence In Dior Couture

Darling Jennifer, Dior will never fail you, this is beautiful, and what makes it even more exceptional is that I love the overall look. Its quite simple, a tight fitting gown with peplums on the side but the colour is popping, her body looks fantastic, the necklace finishes it off and her hair is just how I love it. I’ve never like the short hair on her but she proves me wrong in this picture, she can really rock a short style.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Tom Ford and Elie Saab

Brad looks hot, you can never go wrong with Tom Ford and he’s face. Angelina however, I don’t love. I think it is a very conservative look that would suit better for another occasion.

Amy Adams in Gucci

Its plain, its simple, its cute. She said she’s dressing for herself tonight and I totally get that, I think she still looks good, not amazingly fantastic but its a good look.

Emma Watson in Vera Wang

How hot is she? This is flawless, literally I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lady Gaga

This looks like Versace, it is the most ‘normal’ she has been on the carpet, she looks beautiful and elegant. Although I think I would remove the scarf and change the hair.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

Compared to the Golden Globes I love it. I think its a great look for her, the blue is a lovely colour.

Anne Hathaway in Gucci

This is a great recovery from last years wardrobe. She looks great and her hair is doing it for me too.


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