Kids with designer handbags?

Most of my posts have been about Fashion philosophy which I didn’t intend when starting this blog but I thought I’ll go with it because The Mode Queen is about my relationship with fashion. So I was looking today at all the secondary kids or teens at my sixth form and how many of them already had designer handbags. I’m not sure about people’s incomes but a very pretty designer bag isn’t something I personally would carry to school, mainly because my books would ruin it and I would treat it as something special because I’m still young and the high fashion market isn’t where I permanently shop, I’m still high street.

Spring Summer 2013 Runway Designer Bags We Love

This got me thinking about young people from the age of ten onwards having items like handbags from big high fashion labels like Michael Kors, Chanel or Givenchy. It also got me thinking how ridiculous we are, with some people you can clearly tell their family work hard for their money and at any shot to buy a high fashion item they take it to parade around riches and wealth. I predict that in most cases these young people don’t even really love the bag, they love the name, they love the perception people get of them when they have a designer bag whilst wearing school uniform. This undermines fashion for me, it just emphasises the lengths working class and middle class people will go to climb the social hierarchy and to be seen as wealthy. I think I’ve slightly gone off my point here, but the reason we should buy a bag is because it has our name on it, because its everything we see and want in a bag. Obviously wealth is linked to fashion but it shouldn’t dictate our fashion because that’s how individuality gets lost.

Anyway, going back to the point I started with, seeing the designer bags on very young children made me wonder whether parents should be buying their kids designer bags at very young ages. For me it isn’t a problem if you’re wealthy, if buying a £500 bag is nothing to me in the future, then I would buy one for my child because I would trust it would last long and be the best quality but when £200 is stretching too far from your budget for a child’s bag, should the parent still get it because the child wants it? What I’m getting at now is: do children understand fashion and can children understand fashion – what is a handbag to them? I understand designers must make money and sell their wearable items in their stores as well as department stores and not everything they make must be a piece of art that represents something.  I don’t even know..                                             but for some reason the image of a very young girl with a designer bag made me think.


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