Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent - Poster

I watched Yves Saint Laurent today, I was required to travel to Covent Garden to see it as it is only screened in certain cinemas. The film is in French which I didn’t realise and therefore for me makes the film more authentic. Overall thoughts were positive, however a part of me felt that as a film it wasn’t complete, it was the fact that it was the story of a real man which drove me to love it. Yves has always been a distant person, all he wanted to do was draw and create fashion pieces, he wanted to be left alone with this so called ‘art’ as the film questions. When Yves became a top figure in fashion his life changed, for the worse in that he adopted a horrible lifestyle of drugs, infidelity and drinking something he would have never done before. He was dedicated to his work but it was also something which destroyed him, but then it could be argued that he wasn’t much of a strong character in the first place and had the ability to be strongly influenced. It bought up the debate of work and lifestyle, how far does you work have to dictate your habits and lifestyle, I doubt he would have smoked and taken drugs had he not been a fashion designer which is troubling.

Watching his life on screen was beautiful, it was the rise, downfall then rise of a man, an interesting man who I wasn’t familiar with in such a way. The film also took to screen some of his amazing collections, he was known for the look he labelled ‘le smoking’ which was women wearing tuxedos which changed fashion. There were quite  a few sexual scenes but it just added to the troubled story. I would recommend it be watched to understand and look at Yves Saint Laurent as a man, I don’t think just anyone can watch and love the film it requires people who are into fashion, documentaries or films that focus on the lives of people.

The music was brilliant also.

Yves Saint Laurent film still




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