Donmar theatre – Versailles


My sister decided to get her and I tickets to the sold out play Versailles at the Donmar theatre mainly because of my love for modern world history and the war especially. It wasn’t fantastic that I decided to go dressed in a denim shirt, ripped jeans and Timberlands but then when contemplating whether I should dress like the typical Donmar bunch to show that I can fit in, I felt that contradicted the whole point because I should go as me to prove that people like me are interested in this ‘high class’ style of entertainment and do understand real political matters such as this.

I’m not going to tell you about the play because I was switched off for most of it, didn’t understand it and feel asleep at some parts. It did have some very true sayings however and old fashion values. I learned that I like production in theatres, not real life monologues that last over twenty minutes. I just thought I would share my pretty disappointing experience of the Donmar just in case any one would like to go, I’m going again to watch Privacy, hopefully it’s more engaging.


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