Is it the end of Fashion?

I would like to be fashion designer but rather than just make really expensive clothes I want to make a statement and I would like to change an aspect of fashion its how all the great Fashion designers got their names. Dior created shorted hem lines, Yves Saint Laurent created the suit look on females and Mary Quant invented the mini skirt. It was big when women became androgynous, when new uniform patterns and clothing styles such as the military and sailor look came into fashion and the question is has it all been done. What is new in fashion apart from fabrics and the odd style every now and then. Text has been put onto clothing, work wear and even art which has been big this year with Chanel and Céline’s collection.

For sale signs

The second question is then does the 21st century actually have a look, I think we do but it isn’t something that can be defined right now, it probably will be in years to come. That takes me back to the idea of reinventing looks of the past, bringing back out 70s neon colours, swinging sixties shift dresses and flapper 20s dresses isn’t original, people claim they have their own style because they seem to have nostalgia for a particular era and want to relive the fashion. That isn’t fashion, fashion is forward, a real designer doesn’t go back in time for all their looks they go forward.

I don’t think it actually is the end of fashion, I just think everyone’s getting so good at what it has become that it has become even more difficult to start a fashion.



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