The BEST of the Billboard Awards 2014

2014 Billboard Music Awards

Whoo its the red carpet, here I looks that I liked…


These three killed it in my opinion. Lets begin with Shakira, I don’t really notice Shakira in the fashion world, I don’t recall her ever looking horrible or mind blowing but this outfit here ticks all the boxes. The dress fits perfectly and shows her shape nicely as well as showing off her legs, I love the sleeves in particular and the detail of the dress, the colour is also ‘popping’, her hair to the side is perfect as it doesn’t take away attention from the neckline, she looks beautiful and her shoes finish it off nicely.

Now my darl Miss Kendall, this is hot, it looks great on her, those three quarter length trousers especially are what makes this looks, the ‘metallicness’ of the trousers are the ‘pop’ that every outfit must have, I love her shoes and she looks amazing.

Lastly Kesha, she honestly looks great, I like the style of the dress and the detailing her hair back is perfect as it shows off her shoulders, like the rest her body is looking great, honestly I think this is the best I’ve seen Kesha.


Now here are looks that are almost great, they just require some sort of adjustment…


I shall begin from Kelly Rowland, the outfit is fine a bra top and maxi skirt but there is such thing as showing skin incorrectly and for me that has happened here, I think there is way too much cleavage, If her boobs were covered up a bit more I think It would be better because she already has her leg on show which is hot and then her stomach she doesn’t need the extra cleavage, its a shame because Kelly Rowland was on a fashion roll for me, I loved all of her looks last year.

With Cher Lloyd and Carrie Underwood I think colour is my problem, I feel that I should like Carrie’s outfit but I don’t love and yes all outfits that I deem amazing must have a ‘popping’ element but this is way too much ‘pop’ the dress is nice but I think the yellow is too much, it just seems a bit bitter it isn’t a nice yellow. Cher looks cute too but I cant tell if its the shoes I would change or the colour of the dress, I like the look on her but something doesn’t make it amazing.


Lastly Looks I didn’t like….


With Chrissy I don’t know who can pull off this dress, I would think it would be better on a slim person like herself but not I wonder how it would look on a more curvy girl, it just looks like she’s wearing a 3D object rather than a dress. I love the shoes though.

Aubery’s dress to me doesn’t work at all, it doesn’t do much for her body and the colour looks washed it doesn’t ‘pop’ at all and I hate the fabric, I think the shoes further let the outfit down maybe if she wore Jordin Sparks’s shoes the look would be better. If her hair was tied up too it would make her look more chic.

The neckline or Jordin Sparks’ dress annoys me, I think it just makes her head look really big, other than that the look is OK, I’m just not too fond of it.

But what do I know.. that’s just my opinion


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2 thoughts on “The BEST of the Billboard Awards 2014

  1. I liked the ones you didn’t like, but I don’t know squat about fashion.
    Ke$ha is actually a very lovely young woman, and much more sensitive than most people think. She kind of reminds me of my daughter.
    I’m visiting from the A to Z list. One of my team’s blogs is Poetry of the Netherworld.


    1. It’s interesting that we have different opinions

      And really, I was a Ke$ha fan when she first started but then kind of went off her, I’ve never disliked her though but the media doesn’t portray her too well sometimes.


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