Sporting Season

Sporty Trend


So I’ve been feeling to get myself a pair of Nike Roshe Runners which is rare because I find it hard to wear trainers most of the time and although I like Nike I’m not really a Nike trainer wearer, the only Nike trainers I own are Air Forces, I’m more of a Adidas lover. Anyway I feel these Nike shoes are pretty chic and the sporty look which is one of my favourite looks because its comfortable is in.

Designers showing Sporty Looks in SS14


Balenciga                                   Sacai                                Emilio Pucci

My Made Sporty Looks

Lazy with a tint of Chic

Sporty Casual  by TinaWetshi

This is a casual chic sporty look, if your not going somewhere important but want to look good
Runway Sporting Style
Runway Sporting Style by TinaWetshi

This is a more chic sporting style, the bright colours resemble the sporty look, so does the sheer. I really like the top, skirt and bag together the shoes are up for debate I struggled finding the ‘one’ but these are Ok.
For those of you who don’t know about it already, ASOS FASHION FINDER is amazing, you can make your own outfits as I have done using all of the clothes from ASOS and their boutiques which is great because ASOS have so many brands within them.



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