1984 at The Playhouse Theatre

1984 an amazing production 1984.jpg

I absolutely cannot believe I did not post about this earlier, I was fortunate enough last week to enjoy 101 minutes of 1984 in theatres. The show was phenomenal, exceptional, amazing… pretty much every word that means this in my vocabulary. People become worried when they hear that classic novels are being interpreted into film or theatre because they worry it will not match up to the book, 1984 did not disappoint, the way it was written and directed was perfect, it was abstract yet understandable, thrilling and engaging. The play didn’t fail to present Orwell as a genius for writing such a fantastic novel.

As you know with me after watching a play or film it must make me think beyond what I saw, and it indeed did. After watching 1984 I thought everyone’s initial response to big brother is of course that it should be destroyed and that it is a horrid invention, the play made you hate big brother and side with Winston especially as the torture he received was so graphic. However what I thought was that in some ways we should be inclined to thank Big brother, if the world was changed into a place where certain feelings were eradicated and people no longer committed crimes we would be good people right? And although we would all be uniform and have no individuality what does it matter? It all depends on what you believe life is about and what you believe its purpose is, me being Christian believes that life isn’t forever, we shouldn’t be too focused on our time on earth but be more concentrated on the after life therefore if something like big brother were to come along and force us to live a basic, boring but practically perfect life should we not thank Big brother in some aspects?


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