It’s a Sandals Summer

I went to an event yesterday and I met the owner of a company called Iris Sandals (irisandals) and she has been decorating sandals for 10 years, I loved her sandals, the slippers especially which is what inspired me to do this post. Sandals are becoming increasingly fashionable lately also not just because of the heat but because there out.

Here are some of the sandals from Irisandals

lilacย ย  tulip zoom2

I love how they are fun and colourful, they really do represent the fun summer fashion should portray, I also loved that the sandals are her style and it is something that she would wear.

Why are Sandals so great?

1. They keep your feet cool

2. They can go with any outfit

3. If you own cool enough sandals it can transform your outfit to chic

That Casual Sandal Finish

That Sandal Finish  by TinaWetshi

Sandal Chic

Sandal Chic  by TinaWetshi

ย I thought I should add that I don’t wear sandals not because I don’t like them but because I just feel like they look wrong on me, I don’t understand because Sandals are an amazing shoe that are affordable and go with everything. Maybe I’ll try this summer…



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