Be Hippy

I do love my play on words.So Miu Miu’s Pre has come out, ss14 obviously and its not really me but I quite like it, its taken two of my favourite colours in fashion – blue and green and used it to make cool, reinvented 80s type fashion. I don’t know much about Miu Miu except that’s its a descendent of Prada so I guess that’s my homework for the week.

Like always here are the most striking pieces for the collection in my opinion:


Colour blocking is what I love in fashion because that’s what creates the ‘pop’ what has been done here is just that but with a cool print also, I definitely thinks it works and the more I look at it, the more I seem to like it.


Just to clarify I don’t actually like the middle look as an outfit , I do think the trousers are quite hideous however I really like the top, I think with different bottoms either something navy blue or those trousers being a different colour it might work better simply because the white is too overpowering unless that was the intention.


It’s festival season also so the Hippy look is the perfect look to embrace at the moment.

The Reinvented Hippy

This is taking parts of hippy fashion, fringing, colourful prints and denim which is the national anthem of the hippy and seventies look and putting it together to make a less extreme hippy look. I’ve only done one outfit because I think you all get the jist.

Reinvented Hippy by TinaWetshi





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