Fashion illustration with Stuart McKenzie – Tips to try!



The first task was to draw Stuart with one continuous line with your right hand/ the hand you write with. Then to do the same thing with the hand you don’t write with and then to do a continuous  line drawing of him without looking at the paper (the drawing in blue marker), this was my favourite exercise because I felt free to draw, I wasn’t worried about mistakes, It felt great, I recommend everyone to try it.


The next task on the right was that we had to draw Stuarts silhouette and then had to fill in the detail after.


Stuart showed us how he draws figures quickly and then adds clothes to them, he also showed us shapes he does to show movement. I didn’t draw all of them but this is the basic one.



This is what Stuart learnt at fashion college about proportion and insists on showing everyone this one. It allows you to get the basic body frame. Mines not to accurate, I was in a rush!



He them showed us the basic faces he makes and how he draws these, this was a quick attempt from me.


Stuart’s silhouette of me, I was a model for a while and loved the quick illustration he produced


I love this^


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2 thoughts on “Fashion illustration with Stuart McKenzie – Tips to try!

  1. Ohh this looks like so much fun!
    I remember going to Vogue’s Fashion Night Out a couple of years ago and Jason Brooks was there to do portraits for us!


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