Preparing For Autumn Winter

September has been dominating my thoughts because its back to school, everyone’s going to turn 18 and its going to be autumn even though British weather works at its own time now. All three of these mean that I now have to refresh my wardrobe, bring the jumpers forward, throw some things away (meaning give to charity since it helps the environment) and buy new clothing. A new season should mean a new style, obviously not brand new just yourself but reinvented.  Shopping shall commence after I receive my results but I’ve thought about what look for to go this winter and I’ve especially been inspired by Antiono Marras, Céline and David Koma who is also my new love. The Autumn Winter 2014-15 looks of these designers combined is what I’m looking to go for.


I want the quirky, cartoon and colourful look which is inspired by Antiono Marras, I do enjoy wearing colours and colour blocking and I  want to continue that for winter so I want to stock up on as many cool prints and fabrics as I can on jackets like this one.

With Céline’s collection, I’m looking to wear the type of fabric she’s used, I would like wool dresses and fabrics that have a felt effect. Also the style of coat is something I look to invest in.

 dave dave2

David’s show notes were sleek, structured and slick which is another look I want to go for which involves fitted trousers, structured tops and also very structured jackets.

Dark Winter Fashion by TinaWetshi

This look is a casual look, I’ve grown to like wearing black as much as I like wearing colours and obviously black is something to wear during the winter. With black items it is always important they have something unique about them, so in this outfit the transparent heel and the knee area of the jeans are what give it an edge and cause it to come alive more, the same can be done with ripped jeans. One of the great things about winter is that you can have a coat and shoe as a  template which you stick to and simply change the top and bottoms.


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