My Week With Fashion – Pure London

Last Week I attended two fashion events which for me is something. I attended Pure London and Africa fashion week.

On Tuesday I attended Pure London, the trade show. This was my first time attending, mainly because I’m not buyer but it was interesting to see what buyers go through and brands before they get on department store shelves or boutiques and watching them compete for buyers. One thing that was clear was that there are a whole load of brands in the world and it is hard to stand out, I saw so many names and could only put few to clothing looks so I stand by supporting couture fashion.

Firstly Here’s me at Pure London






Crop top – Haute Society

Treggings – Forever 21

Jumper – New Look

Shoes – River Island


However what I really attended the event for was the catwalk because I live for the runway, this one was fab, I liked how the music interlinked with the show and the models were working it.









The Next one is in February for those who may want to experience it for the first time like I did

Pictures are by Piarvé, check out her sewing blog ‘Sew Modiste’

Next event…. and Next Post…



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