Kelly Osbourne has fantastic style and has now launched her own label called Stories, which is also imprinted on her skull. Kelly Osbourne’s style is very individual and in 2013 and this year I’ve found myself loving pretty much every outfit she puts together. I do hope it is her own work and she doesn’t have a stylist.

Stories is a 13 piece collection and begins with Chapter One. The collection has been called this because clothing always adopts a story, says Kelly. When you look though all the items in your wardrobe their is a story to each clothing. For example the dress that you might have worn to party and met who is now one of your closest friends. I think its a very good idea to look at  clothing in that way and make it become our second memory, you never seem to forget what you wore on significant occasions or eventful days, your outfit becomes a stimulus to remember what happened one day.


For this reason Kelly has made the collection for all women, it isn’t something high fashion or only for certain body types because everyone experiences stories through their clothing. Although she isn’t interested in becoming a big fashion designer who has changed fashion, I think she has in many aspects created a new light in fashion and shown its importance not in its look but to our lives in general. It is like a reminder of how different people are and all the different adventures or experiences people go through which is ultimately what fashion should represent; the diversity within people.

The collection also interested me because when I think stories I don’t think personal stories but rather imagine a collection which is based on an adventure. Chapter one would be like chapter one of a story, it would be subtle but speak in so many different volumes and must capture you. However that is portrayed is dependent on the designer.


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