London Fashion Week

Street Style at London fashion week was incredible, the diversity and distinction in style was prominent. It’s like a comic book convention for fashion lovers, everyone is a different character but from the same genre. The most common accessory this year was probably an oversized fedora hat, I must agree that it gives looks a chic finish and has ‘fashion’ scribbled all over it, which is what you want for fashion week. Fur was also popular with the rise of assorted fur collections in high street stores its no wonder, however it was ownership of the trend which made these looks striking. So here are all the looks which caught my attention:


Absolutely adore this look as a whole, especially the watercolour effect of the jacket

 BeFunky_IMG_8793.jpgThe Dopest trio


The fur coats; how to stay warm but chic


The Best use of the fedora hat, it takes the outfits to the next level.


The long beige coat



Casual Chic



For my modelling debut.

After meeting the amazing Attia Shiraz, she allowed me to try on one of her head pieces. The jewelleries are specially crafted inspired by Indian Culture. Check out the Lookbook  at




Over the Knee High boots dominated this winter


The Queen’s ‘Love’ Stamp goes to…

My favourite look of the day, the culottes along with the fur coat is hot, however the whole look including the short hair cut is what really made this look.


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