Wireless Festival

On Friday I went to the sold out wireless day with Drake headlining, Wireless was an amazing experience with expeptional performances a great vibe and craziness at the front of the crowd. Due to the rush of getting to the front and staying there from 13.30 to 23.00 I unfortunately did not take any outfit snaps at the festival.


Pre Wireless taking my niece dance class, in my wireless outfit however!  

This mesh dress is fab in terms of comfort and staying cool in the heat, my only issue was probably my height and always trampling on the bottom. I am wearing a size 10 and thought it was a little large and probably needed a tighter fit so that’s one lessons of shopping at misguided sizes appear quite generous, I noticed this with another outfit I bought from the online store.

Since I didn’t get the chance to take proper photos of my look, here are the acts. Drake of course killed it and was the best of the night, ASAP Rocky who I’m obsessed with was dope and who surprised me the most and was exceptional was Joey Bada$$ one of my favs of the night… I even touched him!!



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