The Leopard Print


I’ve witnesssed Leopard print orginate from sophistication and wealth to tacky and cheap, it’s a print thats been around forever and now its back in the high street. I bought a pair of Hobbs lepord print boots after long deliberation because I want somthing different in my wadrobe. How different can you be if it’s in trend? Its about your indiviual look, and a patterened shoe appears to be someting I’ve been needing.

These boots are fab! And i’m not just saying that as an employee, Hobbs orginated as a shoe shop so its expected they should have super comfotable and excellent quality shoes which is indeed a reaity. I love my boots not only because they’re super comfy, but they also remove the tacky from leopard print.

Pointer:ย Avoid the printed boots and get someting with texture!



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