Winter Funk

I had a lady at my store who I helped to try on coats. She liked the style of a red coat, but unfortunately there were no more in her size. I say: “This style comes in the black also madam”, she replies: “I know. But I don’t want black. Its winter already, we need to have some colour.”


The conversation with this lady influenced me to purchase an burnt orange coat. I’ve never gone for a coloured coat before, it always seems more difficult to create looks with a coat that isn’t either black, grey or navy. However, this lady reminded me that colder weather shouldn’t mean darker colours.



TurtleneckRiver Island

TrousersUrban Outfitters

TrainersAdidas Stan Smith

I bought the coat last week as part of the boxing day sales from Zara it only cost £39.99! Adidas Stan Smiths are the fashion trainer and I recommend everyone to have a pair just because they’re super comfy and give an edge to most outfits.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 23.30.55


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