The White Shoe or Trainer

A trend which has been dominating this season is the white shoe. White Adidas superstars became super trendy, with the trainer being both comfortable, fashionable and appealing for both sexes. This trend has developed to any white shoe being worn to give an outfit a fashion finish.

I fell in love with the white shoe trend two years ago when I purchased white Adidas superstars. I recently purchased all white Dr Martens which makes every outfit look very fashionable and is perfect for everyday looks as it pretty much goes with all wardrobe combinations.

Tip: When buying white shoes, get leather shoes or a material that can easily be cleaned. But also be prepared to replace your favourite whites, so if its a shoe that isn’t renewed every season maybe purchase two pairs!


Designer setting the trend – DKNY SS16


Celebs on the trend 

The White Shoe - Celebs

How to rock the trend


Look 1

outfit 1

Look 2

look 2


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 23.30.55


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