Product Worth the Hype: Zara Puffer Coat


Coat Image

The idea for this post came from a great post by Fashion- Train. ‘Hyped’ products are custom in the high street scene, typically I avoid these custom items they do not  promote individuality

This winter however, I felt that I was lacking a really warm coat, layering up is never very fun so a puffer coat it had to be. I wanted to stay clear of this particular Zara coat as it is worn by all ages, styles and people. It’s likely that every 1 in 4 puffer coats you spot is this Zara style coat. Unfortunately its the awkward season where fashion says its spring/summer but the weather is still autumn/ winter so stores haven’t got many warm coats for the season. Long story short, I decided to get the coat and it is actually amazing, it’s super warm and the fur collar is the best feature.

Tip: If you also hate buying a hyped product maybe purchase it in a different colour, mustard isn’t as common as the navy blue!

Yellow Coat2


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 23.30.55



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