5 Reasons to Wear a White Dress

Award Season has told us that White Occassion Wear is the thing to rock this season.

Taraji P. Henson, Chrissy Teigen, Penelope Cruz

So I thought I should give it a try too, I’ve never been a fan of white dresses, I’ve always felt it doesn’t work against my skin, but my friends thought different. I decided to get a dress similar to Chrissy’s in the photo above, for a change, and I actually liked it.



img_1305This White Flared Sleeve dress is from Luxemme, an online store and this dress is a part of Anita Kaushik’s Celebrity collection on the site and is £39.00

I’m wearing a size 8 so sizes are quite generous!

This dress is really comfortable and the fabric is really light, it’s great if your need of a quick low price outfit for a night out or event, especially as this dress can be used many times again.

Use my discount code themodequeen-16 for 10% off


5 Reasons to Wear a White Dress

1. White is automatically a statement colour – you can’t help to glance over at someone in white

2.  It suits all complexions

3. It’s easy to style and accessorise

4.  It shows off all your figure and wonderful curves

5. Its a simple look, which is great if you don’t like fuss!



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