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I don’t usually post about beauty or skin care, mainly because I’m in the  process of experimenting with different products to really correct my skin. However, I felt the need to make a post about my lush products. After using expensive skin care products from brands such as clinique, I realised that my skin preferred natural ingredients. Therefore, I moved on to brands such as The Body Shop and Bare Minerals. The Body Shop was much too harsh on my skin whilst I didn’t see much improvement with Bare Minerals.

My friend recommended a Lush hand cream and face mask and that’s where it all started. A lot of people I know who shop at Lush buy Lush bath bombs and bath soaps, so for anyone who has ever wondered if their skin care range is any good, its fantastic. What I love most is the use of raw ingredients which you can see, feel and smell in the products.

dont look at me
Face Mask ‘Don’t Look at Me’


Face and Body Cleanser ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ with maize flour, gently exfoliates and leaves face very soft


One of my favourites has to be Ultrabland, a facial cleanser made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. Ultrabland can act as your makeup remover and night time facial routine. You simply apply a generous amount all over the face and then remove it with damp cotton pads, it leaves your face soft with a moisturised feeling because of the beeswax and honey so there is no need to moisturise after. I had never heard of such a facial cleanser, and I had also never heard of edible lip scrub, it’s probably these new concepts which excite me.


BeFunky Collage
Facial Cleanser ‘Ultrabland’

Lush is fantabulous

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 17.40.34 copy


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