Celebrating Makeup Revolution


Yesterday I attended an event celebrating the 2nd Birthday of Makeup Revolution, a makeup brand which I knew as ‘the new makeup brand in Superdrug’. I was invited by my friend who is a makeup addict so I didn’t know much about the brand. They gave a wonderful presentation explaining the concept, the concept being to start a revolution of affordable makeup which is professional quality (right up my street as a politics student!). My friend uses a lot of their products and has told me for its price it’s absolutely  amazing, so I’m so excited to start using their products – check out her Instagram page for reviews on some of their products: jvanityxo


IMG_5664 (1)

I  would like to draw attention to my top, I got this off the shoulder top from Topshop for £35 and it is absolutely great. When I was buying I didn’t even look at the price thinking it was going to be about £15, the price of the other jersey crop tops which were around. Nevertheless, it was very worth it, the fabric is amazing, it’s stretchy and keeps it shape. A lot of high street stores are selling cheap jersey tops lately which after one wash looses its shape and sometimes even colour, this top doesn’t, it’s the same thickness as the bandage dresses you would find in places like Celeb Boutique which is fab.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 22.42.02

IMG_5664 (1)
I contemplated for a long time if the shoes matched the look, and I actually think a soft pastel colour works with the darker colours



Top – Topshop

Skirt – French Connection 

Shoes – Dorthery Perkins 

Bag – Furla

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 00.04.03


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