These last couple of months I’ve realised that I love posting about  trends, this includes trends I’m feeling, trends I think we should follow and my prediction of future trends, so I’ll mainly be posting these sorts of posts on The Mode Queen.

A new trend which I think is emerging and that I’m in love with is pinstripes. Obviously, pinstripes are very classic, known as a suiting print and can be traced back to YSL’s ‘le smoking’ looks in the 70s and 80s (correct me if I’m wrong). Now what’s even better is taking pinstripes out of context, for example wearing a pinstripe blazer with jeans, or pinstripe suiting trousers with a casual crewneck and some Stan Smiths. I’ve ordered a Pinstripe midi skirt from Topshop which I will post about when it arrives; fingers cross it fits and is as hot as it appears online. I’m also in love with the pinstripe trousers Topshop have in their Boutique range, I would have gotten both, but, I am just a student.

So here is my pinstripe board, I had a some fun painting on stripes to outfits from various magazines.









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