Yeezy Season 4

The media always has a way of portraying things negatively. The telegraph has the headline ‘Models drop like flies’ as Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show runs almost two hours late’. NyMag says ‘The long Journey into the Hellscape that was Yeezy Season 4’.

One thing I hate about fashion is that it sometimes appears as an elite club who only accept the wealthy. This was the case in the early 20th century, but now fashion belongs to us all. Which is why Kanye West as a designer is a good thing. I only recently learned the idea behind Yeezy’s fashion and it’s fantastic. Kanye’s line is apparel wear because he wants to be invisible, he showed in his famous video that celebs are essentially naked. So, he’s put invisibility into clothes, which is clever, there are so many days when we just don’t want to be seen.  The standard formation of the Yeezy fashion shows illustrates equality in individuals. The models have their natural hair, no or little makeup and are  pretty much wearing the same thing. In his shows, it’s hard to distinguish which look is your favourite because he uses one colour palette, a selection of fabrics and little detail. It is therefore viewed as a piece, as one collection rather than individual pieces, destroying the hierarchy that fashion implements.


With Yeezy season 4, It is unfortunate that timing wasn’t kept, people weren’t looked after as well as they could have been on the bus and the model’s shoes were uncomfortable. It is also terrible that models were left standing in the heat for hours.  I understand his artistic vision, but human needs first! High profile designers are known to mistreat models and even employees and this isn’t written about enough. Kanye West being a rapper and to some, not a’ proper designer’ so it’s a scandal. Regardless of the several issues, we must give credit where it’s due, the concept of the show is huge, maybe a little more planning time was necessary, but to have the drive to execute such a large vision is huge.

Now all we ask of Kanye is to make his line more affordable since it is apparel, and for a line that is based on being invisible it probably isn’t best to have the Kardashian/ Jenners, who are the centre of everything and show off all the designer clothes they own, be the main mascots of the brand. Just saying.




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