Barrecore, Breakfast and Bloggers with Farfetch

A few weeks ago I attended a Barrecore class with a few other bloggers and the team from Farfetch. The fitness classes I usually attend are more cardio but do have areas where you use your body to gain strength and tone. I had never done Barrecore before and during the session, I just couldn’t wait for it to end, but having said that, it is the best class I’ve ever done! Barrecore is a mixture of pilates and traditional yoga exercises and uses a bar. It’s a great class for gaining strength and toning,ย it focuses on every single muscle and ensures that you can feel every part your body working out. I recommend for everyone to participate in a Barrecore class if you’re looking to strengthen muscles and tone. It’s definitely a models workout!

Pre workout
Goodies from Farfetch




It’s like Christmas!


What to expect at a breakfast with bloggers? Photography!
Breakfast at NAC. Honey Chocolate French Toast and Banana

I had never been to NAC before, so breakfast was another new experience. NAC is a beautifully decorated French restaurant with a nice selection on their breakfast menu. I do wish my French toast was a bigger portion with more chocolate but it was still a very nice combination. Their egg dishes looked wonderful so when I go again I’ll be getting that!

NAC’s beautiful vintage interior




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