A Night at the Museum: V&A’s Revolutions Weekend

Yesterday evening I attended the V&A’s Revolutions Weekend and it was amazing. The Records and Rebels exhibition is fantastic, it feels like a 60s time machine, and is defo something everyone should go and see before it finishes in February.



Jacket – Hobbs 

Top – Hobbs

Culottes – Zara

Boots – Catapiller

Levis x Skepta Support Music Project


Every single artist who performed was fantastic, the show was so inspiring and reminded me of music as an art and form of expression. It was nice to vibe to good music and watch people enjoying themselves, with the music industry today I think there are so many distractions from the music itself, so for me, the project was about supporting real raw talent and nothing else.  It was also beautiful to see Skepta and a brand like levis do something big for the community.


(Photography by Piarve Wetshi)


After this was a trip to the Records and Rebels exhibition itself which I recommend everyone visit before it leaves in February. The exhibition travels through the 60s and the new found freedom people had in race, sex and music. The exhibition doesn’t allow photos so all I have is one of me about to go in😬

Feeling the vibe already🤘🏾



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