Dealing with University Stress

My first semester is finally over and I really don’t want to go back after this holiday! Although I love the content of my course, I’ve always had regrets in choosing an academic degree over a fashion based course. For this reason, University can be a huge struggle, because it isn’t something that all of me wants to do and it demands so much of my time. As a person, I’m not fantastic with deadlines, organization, and timing so studying is a major stress factor to my life. I’ve shared a few ways which help me deal with the stresses of studying which should hopefully encourage a positive start to 2017!

1. Exercise/ Workout

– Exercising is a fantastic way to generally clear your mind, I love that when I’m at the gym my soul focus is on my body and whatever muscle I’m working on at that moment. I often find gym classes a great way to take your mind of everything. Bike rides are also very calming. stress4

2.  There’s a bigger picture

– pressure adds a lot of stress and the worse thing is letting yourself down because of unnecessary added pressure. Remember that there is so much more to life than your degree. That university is a construct of western culture to build a social hierarchy! (I’ve got to be political😋)  That even when you do graduate there will be obstacles and a degree is just the start. Your best will forever be good enough! Everything happens for a reason!

3. Write Down Everything

– Have things written down! I’m so used to mentally noting all my to dos and it stresses me out, even more. Write down every little thing you have to do from sending an email to attending an event. I bought this fantastic daily planner from Urban Outfitters that allows me to map out my days to make it as productive as possible.


4. Pray

– Since starting university I have become so much more spiritual, I can’t emphasise how much praying and connecting to Gods can take weights off your shoulders. Even if you aren’t spiritual, it can be nice to go to church, speak to a pastor, light a candle or just speaking to God.


5. Channel energies into something you love doing

– I love fashion, art, music, theater and pretty much anything that within the arts scene. Visiting exhibitions, concerts, drawing, blogging, all of these are ways in which I hold onto my sanity.

6. Face your problems

– When I find an essay particularly challenging I won’t do it until the last minute and then start panicking hours before its due.  I’m learning to deal with things as they come and not wait until I have to deal with it.

7. Sleep!

– If I stay up for consecutive nights the first few days I’m full of energy and then eventually I just go insane. Sleep and a good sleeping pattern are very important, depriving yourself of sleep to study is the worst.


Now, let us all slay does degrees 💛



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