Trend: Old, Vintage and Oversized


(Apologies for Picture Quality😬)

A wonderful trend emerged towards the end of last year, a trend which meant that old was new and large better than small. Old, Vintage and Oversized. There’s no shame in thrift shops, charity shops, discounted stores (as long as they are not the everything £5 stores!) or second items. The beauty of having something that isn’t within the season means less worry about catching someone else with the same outfit and perhaps even wearing it better!


Top – Urban Renewal, Urban Outfitters 

I hate fitted or tight garments for everyday, for a uni student who’s constantly travelling around London, comfort is number one, and I must admit, comfort and looking good is not easy to pull off. Oversized tops, jumpers or dresses gives you space to layer up in the winter without looking awkward and it automatically looks cool.

It seems as though I’ve taken inspiration from the the Queen, Bella Hadid, who wore this hot outfit some time last year.

Bella Hadid – Alexander Wang Tights




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