Have You Met Joyce?

Throughout 2017 I really want to discover new artists, brands, and creatives who are introducing new concepts and ideas to the arts scene.

Last week I began exactly this and attended a fabulous talk and presentation from photographer Juno Calypso, also known as Joyce from her work. Juno is one of the most realist artists I’ve met, she describes internet fame as weird and awkward, warning that the faster the spotlight comes, the faster it can go. Juno luckily received a media buzz after she graduated and created a name as an artist who tested the construct of feminity through her photographs that portrayed a passive woman in stereotypical settings.

What I particularly loved about Juno was not just her chilled tone and London dialect but the fact that she shared what an artists block was like. After so much attention on her work after graduating, the pressure of coming up with something new came with great difficulty. Looking at her work online it appears as though she comes up with her concepts so naturally and easily, but Juno shared the one thing all creatives need to hear. That no matter how much success and credit you receive, the challenge is always there and you just have to find the courage to pick yourself back up.

Three main lessons I gathered from Juno:

1. Do you – find who you are as an artist and stick to it

2. Criticism is good – how does one differentiate a critic and a hater? Sometimes your work just isn’t good and when it’s something you believe is genius, it’s hard to see fault at the time. One reason for Juno’s success is the fact that she took on criticism of her early work and improved her concepts for photographs.

3. Get your work out there and don’t wait for someone to do it for you – some of Juno’s success has come from winning highly recognised photography awards and featuring in extremely credited exhibitions. The point is, sometimes you have to open your own doors and keep going if you can’t get through some!

Here are some of my favourite works of Juno:

A Dream in Green, 2015
Breakfast, 2014
Chicken Dogs, 2015
Popcorn Venus, 2012
Sensory Deprivation, 2016

I would love to write a paragraph on all these works, analysing how the piece in relation to the construct of women in society, but I have an actual degree I should be studying for instead😬

I hope you’re inspired✨✨



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