Modern Jewellery For Us Independent Girls🙅🏾

One thing I love about modern brands is that they are not purely about aesthetics, but have a message to share too. Wolf and Moon is a brand that sells handmade modern Jewellery. I first discovered the brand last year at London Fashion Weekend and fell in love with the geometric the shapes and unconventional materials.

Wolf and Moon are based in East London and the products contrast between the idea of manmade objects and the city. This concept is fantastic because it really does encompass our modern times, man living in a technological society.


The brand also advertises for the ‘Curious and Independent’ which is clear from the models used in their campaigns. Wolf and Moon Jewellery is very individual and presents an independent woman who is comfortable in who she is and isn’t afraid to defy norms.


I just bought these two necklaces to add to my collection (which only consisted of one necklace😬). The Necklaces are such a great addition to all my outfits, they are subtle yet a statement and work really well to complete a look.


I’ve shared this because I’m always looking for independent brands who’s collections are a statement but not too over the top.

Please also feel free to share any other Jewellery brands that do something similar, I’m so sick of buying high street Jewellery that doesn’t represent me or doesn’t last! 




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