Johnson&Johnson Awards

Last week I attended the Johnson&Johnson awards for the first time, this year is the 13th year of the awards and it celebrated the work of beauty journalists. One thing I love is that they have awards for journalists writing for Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Stylist and other large magazine companies, and they also acknowledge bloggers and vloggers and most importantly emerging bloggers who don’t have millions of followers.


Product displays and getting to chat and meet new people, followed by the awards. The ceremony was particularly great because they showed what the judges were looking for. So any beauty bloggers reading, take notes and maybe nominate yourself for an award next year.


The judges were looking for writers who looked at sensitive topics, were real and not afraid to expose the truth about skin or products. They were looking for writers who took existing talked about topics and looked at it in a new angle. Some of the posts that received a prize or was runner up were posts on chemo skin, effects of the sun on the skin and the truth about products.


Goody Bag, I’ll post about some of the products I got next week😋


Dress – Topshop

Shoes – River Island

Necklace – Wolf and Moon




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