5 Tips to Overcome Winter Dry Skin

Anyone who has dry skin knows the struggle to constantly have your skin look moisturised. Visible dry skin is not comfortable and doesn’t look good either. It’s only this winter that I’ve experienced such dry skin to the point that my makeup was drying out my face. Here are a few tips I learned in the past few months to tackle winter dry skin.

1.Don’t wash your face!

When you read about looking after your skin, articles always reiterate how important it is to wash your face twice a day. If you have dry skin, this isn’t necessary. My mum first told me to stop washing my face and I was like ‘eww I’ll get spots’. The following day my friend then told me she had stopped washing her face at night and she noticed a change in her skin.


2. Moisturise with natural oils

Natural oils are fantastic to restore your skin’s elasticity, at night after removing my makeup I literally put a load of coconut oil on my face and in the morning my skin feels and looks so much better. There are so many different oils to choose from, coconut doesn’t work for everyone, argan oil and almond oil are also very good.


3. Get a Foundation that includes a moisturiser

I was using Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation and I literally felt like my face was cracking, it’s great to control oil or sweating but in the winter it does nothing for me. I accidently discovered Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum foundation, the serum contains lychee, bamboo grass & cordyceps extracts. These ingredients are said to brighten, soothe and reduce pores. The foundation itself is light so great for every day. It feels like a moisturiser and foundation in one


4. Get you a thick moisturiser with an ingredient like Shea Butter

A thick moisturiser, usually with natural ingredients is ideal. The worst thing is washing your face and feeling like you haven’t moisturised. Currently, I’m using Aveeno’s skin relief nourishing lotion, it contains shea butter and is designed to nourish, soothe and protect very dry skin. So far I quite like it, I love how thick the lotion is.

5. Avoid Hot Water

Hot water is great because it opens up your pores, allows you to exfoliate etc. However hot water also causes the skin to lose all its moisture so it’s something to avoid during this period.




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