In My Feelings February – Self Love 

Lack of self-love is the reason why a lot of us don’t have what we should or reach where we should. It seems like a simple conclusion but a growing up I’ve realised that this is probably the only thing that’s held me back.

1. Self-worth

No human being has a value, we are all the same, made by God and for that reason we are priceless. No matter what your bank status, career level or class level is, no one is better than me. In practice this means that I deserve and am entitled to absolutely everything, it means that no one can or should intimidate me regardless of their name or status. It means that we can only work together and not against each other. People who don’t understand that we are all equal, I choose to ignore and hope that one day they realise.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 10.53.19.png
The Mold by Kpierrephoto


2. Actions

Are your actions those of someone who loves themselves? This one for me focuses a lot on appearance. It doesn’t make sense to feel comfortable only when you look a certain way otherwise, you don’t love yourself. Our body and image are temporary, it’s a waste of life focusing on perfecting it, the aim is to look after it. I’ve never been 100% comfortable being curvy, I constantly feel wide or fat because things don’t always fit me etc. So when my body is at a state I’m comfortable with, I’m happy, but when I get a little out of shape I sometimes hit a low point. This action in itself shows a lack of self-love because it’s defining me as my body. The body is temporary, our house for the earth. The point is, we are more than our image.

Actions also means looking after yourself, if I do get out of shape it’s because I’m not eating right. I don’t eat from fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King anymore because of this. The food they serve is actual crap, I love myself too much to put that in my body. This goes for all other things that are bad for the body and health, alcohol – know your limits!

3. Knowing yourself

It’s so easy to have the wrong idea of yourself in this world where there are so many influences, so many things you think you are but are not. It’s easy to create a character and play that role. I think knowing yourself is spiritual, it’s so much deeper than knowing the activities you enjoy, your hobbies and preferences. Everyone has something different within us that we have to embrace and then unleash otherwise we never become ourselves and end up accepting what isn’t really us. (Hope that makes sense). I think the self-love journey is the hardest thing ever, but I also believe we can’t have progress without it. If things are going wrong for me I believe it’s because I’ve strayed away from Tina.


And then the struggle is staying true to yourself in this world. I like to spend time alone for this reason. It’s so easy to fall off in this generation because society is constantly trying to control you and construct you. Some people are indestructible and I admire that, it’s how we should all aim to be.



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2 thoughts on “In My Feelings February – Self Love 

  1. Amen girl! So important to try and practice self love whenever we can, especially being in our 20s when it feels like you’re really trying to figure yourself out. Great post. I loved when you said that knowing yourself is so much more than just knowing what you enjoy.

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