In My Feelings February – Distant

It’s been a hectic week, I’m disappointed I didn’t post at all last week, I was doing so well this year😭 The February feature must continue, here it is on a Monday!😬 And with London Fashion Week happening I may just throw in another post with some of my favourite looks from the collections because this season this seriously popping!

This weeks feeling is distant which is really important because being distant only ruins things for yourself. In my first post Frustration, I explained how I don’t feel a part of this society and sometimes like to purposely isolate myself, at times this is great, however it doesn’t always work in my favor.

1. Socially

There are always those days when you don’t want to participate in any social activity, and quite frankly your own company is satisfying enough. Being socially distant is okay if it’s something you can turn on and off. The worst thing is being in a social environment and not getting into the scene because you don’t feel like it. This is something I’ve definitely had to learn, getting older means no ones is going to tolerate your distance for long. I think the only way to get out of not wanting to be around people is to either just force yourself or talk about it to people you’re around. I’m always so surprised when people can relate or understand my moods and feelings, I do underestimate how similar I am to a lot of people

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 23.53.06.png
A Chance of Cloud by Kpierrephoto


2. Reserved

Being reserved soon becomes a curse, the worst feeling is when you look back at a scenario or situation and think ‘I wish I said..’ or did something differently. I think my being reserved comes from trying to be polite. Sometimes you just assume you shouldn’t ask a certain question or act a certain way around people, but if not the people you have chosen to spend your time with (because time is precious) then who. I think being reserved makes you appear more distant than you really are, there are times when I’m so engaged with a group or situation but this doesn’t translate.

3. Opportunities

The way this generation is elevating is through connections and networking when ‘cliques’ and groups are formed it’s so easy to feel distant. Like things are moving without you so there isn’t room for you. One aggravating thing is seeing something you would like to be a part of or have an interest in and not being a part of it or not knowing how to be a part of it. Being interested in fashion but doing an academic degree I feel this way sometimes. I’m not so invested in my degree so I don’t find myself engaged with academics, I want to be engaged in fashion but I don’t really have a skill or projects that I’m working on that puts me into this scene. This is mostly a part of my personality that I have to change, I must get over not exclusively being a part of something because at the end of the day it’s my loss!



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