In My Feelings February – In Search of Happiness?

This is the final post for the In My Feelings February feature! This feature has been fun because I’ve been able to share deepish thoughts on important topics, something I don’t usually do.

This week is all about happiness, a lot of people are sharing on social media the importance of putting yourself first and being happy. It’s beautiful to see the generation filter out what is important in life and focus on accomplishing things for the long term. Happiness, however, should not be the goal, because happiness is temporary. Happiness is found in doing activities you like, in material things and being surrounded by people you love. Aiming to be at a stage where you constantly have these and are happy is fantastic but shouldn’t be the aim because things can change, no one knows the future. The aim is joy. Joy is different to happiness because it’s a spirit, it is a happiness that isn’t brought on by anything and doesn’t go away. It is constantly being content with everything.



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Joy is necessary in this world because there is so much we as people have to handle, from careers, education, health etc. Anything can take away happiness but nothing can take away joy. The beauty of joy is that you don’t have to find it in anything. When talking about happiness the popular phrase is ‘I’m working so I can be happy’ meaning that when your career comes, when the relationship comes, when you reach the environment you’ve been working to get to, happiness will come with it. Joy is found internally, it is unleashed by Christ, by knowing the promise, the word and your worth.

I think I learned this whole happiness myth when I realised I was looking for happiness within things and when I didn’t have those things, or those things ended, it was gone. Happiness comes and goes and always nice to work to try to get to that state but life has its moments when it needs you to be uncomfortable and joy allows you to be ready for that.

Conclusion: Don’t search for happiness, find joy!





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