How Accurately Does your Style Represent You?

The idea behind this post came about recently when I was struggling to choose an outfit when I did eventually put something together, I looked at myself and thought ‘okay Tina, this is the way you dress now!’ It wasn’t a realisation of what my style is, it was a moment of reflecting who I have become and how my style has followed this.


My wardrobe consists of relatively basic clothing, I love crewnecks, jumpers, joggers and shirts. Although I like basics, I need all items to have something different about them, whether that’s my jumper being in a toweling fabric, my joggers having a print or the cut of my shirt being slightly different to standard cut. I then like to dress very comfortably and this is what makes the dressing up process lengthy for me, I like to envision myself at whatever location it is I’m going to wearing this outfit and judging if I feel comfortable in it.


When I was younger I imagined 20 year old me wearing heels every day to finish off classy, feminine outfits. I’m the complete opposite. The point is, don’t plan out your style, I tried to become the older self I imagined and I didn’t feel comfortable. Of course, if I kept on wearing heels, fitted dresses and tight jeans I would most likely adapt to it, but it wouldn’t be me. It’s exciting to see how you naturally style yourself because it projects your current mindset, attitudes, and feelings. I love not consciously creating an image for myself and just accepting how I choose to present myself, it’s enabled me to learn a lot about myself.


Take a moment to evaluate your style and see what it says about you as a person. Look beyond the surface of defining your style as ‘boyish, grunge, girly etc.’ My style tells me I’m pretty busy and walk around a lot so I need to be comfortable, I’m not fussed on what I look like to others, I’m playful and experimental. I’m not a very serious person (despite looking serious in the picture above!), I want to come across as someone who is pretty chilled and laid back. I think my style reflects me!



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5 thoughts on “How Accurately Does your Style Represent You?

  1. Great post! It’s actually a good question to ask yourself, I’m definitely going to have critical look at my wardrobe now! And I love your trousers, i actually have some similar, but yours are more casual!
    love, elena

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