The blogging community is huge, most people have a blog nowadays but it’s sometimes hard to find the blogs which you would genuinely like to read. Someone is likely to have a blog that speaks to you personally, but you may never come across it, which is why BlogCon is a fantastic event, which brings bloggers and brands together, giving the opportunity for bloggers to connect and discover new brands and content for their blogs.


I’m not sure how long BlogCon has been running in London, but this is the first one I’ve attended, it was like a bloggers freshers fair. There were stalls with skincare, makeup, fitness brands and more and each stall offered something different, some had samples, others the opportunity to take photos, chat about the brand or complete a little activity. During the afternoon there was also discussions to help bloggers improve their blogs, this included photography, working with brands and growing your audience.


Chi Chi


attended a discussion about photography by Lauren who has some great tips on her blog Britton loves on photography. I don’t really call myself a blogger unless I’m at an event, but photography is so important for blogger and this was a session I definitely needed, investing in image quality will definitely accelerate the quality of your posts, something I’m still working on. BlogConLDN_6



A brand I was very happy to see on the day was Forever Living, this brand specialises in aloe everything. An ingredient which I’ve been loving lately. They even have an aloe juice which tastes disgusting if I’m honest, apparently, the aloe juice you find in stores is very diluted, now I know the reason for that!



Not much more to say except that I think its really cool that the organiser Scarlett, who is also a blogger, started running events for brands and bloggers to collaborate. I think it’s worth going to, and I shall post in the future about the brands whose products have blown me away! Sometimes freebies are only great as freebies, we’ll see what actually changes my life.


“wtf is green cola”I asked myself. It is cola with natural caffeine 🌞





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  1. This looks like so much fun! I always find it so hard to find new blogs that I like and that have the same style/interests as me. This seems like a great way to find some new blogs to read by actually meeting the people! Very cool 🙂


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