I started the Mode Queen because of my love for fashion. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, stylist, and director. It started off as sharing looks that I liked from celebrities, catwalks, and collections.

Blogging gave me a platform to talk about fashion and this lead me to do more fashion related activities such as attend catwalks, events and work on fashion projects. I then started sharing these on my blog, making my posts more related to my activities than just my thoughts.

Someone then commented on one of my posts that I should post more outfit posts and take several angles. My personal style was still developing; I was at a stage where I thought I couldn’t afford my real style but I could still make some great looks from my wardrobe. Regardless, I started posting outfit pictures and my own wardrobe which pushed me to be more creative about my style. I always thought about my outfits, but now it was trying to come up with photo worthy looks.

The next stage of my blog was culture, I love art, music, theatre and history. All these things became something I also wanted to share in more depth rather than just a tweet. This brought about the lifestyle section of my blog, blogging about fashion made me feel like I should share everything I feel might be useful to people if I’ve gotten something out of it. 

The Mode Queen now encompasses all of the above, it’s Fashion, my Style, Lifestyle, Arts, and Culture. It is a space of inspiration.

I want my readers to take interest in a designer or artist they’ve never looked at before, to find style inspiration, to want to engage in arts and culture and to discuss important topics and share opinions.

Hope you enjoy the blog, Thanks for stopping by😋

For any enquiries contact: tinawetshi@gmail.com 



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